The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment. Dr. Kellen Schweitzer holds this certification and has advanced training to care for planning/preconception, expecting and postpartum mothers.

This is a gentle chiropractic adjustment that can align the pelvis and includes a soft tissue release of associated muscles and ligaments. It can allow the pelvis to function properly during pregnancy and birth, reducing soft tissue tension that may cause uterine torsion which allows for an ideal environment for the baby to grow and move.

The Webster technique is helpful and may provide relief for common lower back and sciatic pains that pregnant women often experience. 

The birthing process can be traumatic for mother and child.
An evaluation for misalignment for both, within the first week after delivery is recommended.

Maintaining alignment of the spine during developmental years allows the body to maintain optimal nervous system health and may improve behavior, sleep, and strengthen the immune system, as well as other benefits. Colic, infantile reflux, constipation, trouble latching, recurrent ear infections, and bed wetting are common concerns that may be improved with proper alignment.