Infinity Strap –Here at Trinity Care we had this tool developed by Chiropractors who have a dream of providing a one-of-a-kind, comfortable and safe cervical distraction experience for providers and their patients.

Secure and comfortable – The Infinity Strap provides unrivaled comfort to the patient thanks to the 2-inch chin strap and occipital strap. Both straps ensure maximum comfort and security throughout the process for both Doctor and patient.

Durability – The Infinity Strap has been tested by multiple Chiropractic Doctors and put through rigorous testing to provide a product that will prove reliable under any circumstance. During this process we gave it to our local harness company to put it to the test, and The Infinity Strap was able to withstand 5000 lbs. of a sustained static load!

Customizable Features – Each Trinity Strap comes with a 10-inch handgrip, your choice of select colors, and an adjustable strap that allows the user to shorten or lengthen the Infinity strap.

Made in the USA – The Infinity strap was made by the hands of hard-working American men and women who take pride in their work to deliver the highest manufacturing quality right into your hands.

We are currently taking all orders via phone as this website is undergoing some developments and direct online purchasing will not be available until a later date. Your support is important to us; please give our home office a call or email us at:

Office phone: (970) 667-4062

Email: frontrangechiro@gmail.com

Thank you from our family to yours.

Branden R. Ramos, DC & Kellen P. Schweitzer, DC