How it all works

What to expect when you visit us for the first time

Step One

All new practice members will be required to read and fill out all necessary intake forms in as much detail as possible.

Step Two

The Specific Scientific Chiropractic Assessment: A Comprehensive chiropractic evaluation, with Orthopedic and Neurological Diagnostic testing will be performed. Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and techniques to locate the root cause of any dysfunction or disease within your body.

You may be asked to perform:

  • Range of Motion, Postural Evaluation, Gait Analysis, Orthopedic Testing and Neurological Testing including:  Muscle Strength Assessment, Sensory Testing and Spinal Reflexes.
  • We will then perform a physical assessment that will utilize both motion and static palpation to explore the alignment of your spine and other structures.
    • These mechanisms, can provide detailed information about your health.  


The doctor will advise you if additional tests are needed including any Chiropractic Postural Specific X-rays, MRIs or blood work.


A Report of Findings will be conducted at your second visit and the cause of your current condition will be discussed. After reviewing your case, the doctor will recommend a personalized care plan, action steps and discuss finances so we can help you reach your health goals.


Initiate care and start on your path to achieving your God-given health potential!